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World’s Slowest Pedal-Powered Porsche (5 pictures)

It just goes to show you what you can make with a bicycle, cardboard, plastic tubing, packing tape and gold foil.  Presenting the poor man’s Porsche!  Well not to poor of a man because it still cost him $17,000. to build.  Photos from Wired.com

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7 Comments to World’s Slowest Pedal-Powered Porsche (5 pictures)

  1. That sure was worth the time, effort, and money…NOT

  2. small D on February 2nd, 2011
  3. For $17,000, he could’ve saved a lot of wasted time and effort and bought a sub-compact car – brand new.

  4. Hugh Mann the human on February 2nd, 2011
  5. Someone had too much time on their hands.

  6. Rich... on February 2nd, 2011
  7. Now that is funny, love it.

  8. Mutley on February 2nd, 2011
  9. hey give him credit that might not be close to a porsche but i think its a pretty good thought and engineered piece of art and someone will probally pay some big bucks for it!

  10. brad on February 3rd, 2011
  11. epic!

  12. Miss.Manson on February 12th, 2011
  13. Yep, sure it wasn’t cheap to build, But I agree that some engineering Art nut would more then likely pay a arm and a leg for it. I think its cool, might not be the car I would of fashiod it to look like but then again Ima old scholl muscle car guy, not into the Porshe thing lol

  14. Christopher Scholl on August 8th, 2011

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