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Well…I guess it works…..

Wow what kinda springs do you have that you have to use bags of tube sand to hold your hood down?  I think you did a total overkill here Bubba…FAIL!

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9 Comments to Well…I guess it works…..

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  2. Well…I guess it works….. | Android Aftermarket on December 21st, 2010
  3. Maybe it’s intended for traction? I hope it works, because that looks ridiculous.

    Sandbags over the drive wheels worked in some rear drive cars & trucks because some of them really were pretty light in the rear. And you could hide them in the trunk or in the bed of a truck.

  4. JD on December 21st, 2010
  5. Yep, pretty sure they’re there for traction.

  6. BigD on December 21st, 2010
  7. I think I would have skipped the sand bags a invested in a good set of snow tires.

  8. Retired Wrench on December 22nd, 2010
  9. I agree with JD that it’s probably for traction. When I owned a two-wheel drive pick-up, I always kept a could of bags of sand in the bed, over the drive wheels. It helped with traction, and if I got stuck, I had the sand ready to use.

    It is kind of worthless on a front-wheel drive car, though, since the weight of the motor is over the drive wheels. The person needs to either get new tires or check the air pressure in his tires.

  10. Heywood on December 22nd, 2010
  11. He probably had his hood blow up on him while he was driving. I had that happen to me and it left a brown spot on the drivers’ seat.

  12. mawmaw on January 7th, 2011
  13. Look at the trees in the background. It’s winter. Definitely for more weight on the drive tires. It’s a shitty little honda so it has none to begin with. Ugly as hell but it probably helps… but yeah, some proper snow tires would be a lot better.

    I take it they never check the oil or add washer fluid? lol Makes a crappy job out of that, that’s for sure.

    Wonder how those thin sheetmetal fenders are liking the hooks from the ratchet strap? lol

  14. blah on January 8th, 2011
  15. “Wonder how those thin sheetmetal fenders are liking the hooks from the ratchet strap? lol”

    Yea i was just getting ready to say something myself about that, and i know from personal stupidity, not too well,

  16. Niebr on March 23rd, 2011
  17. Looks like something we’d do in Minnesota. Ingenious, yet pure redneck.

  18. Mark on June 29th, 2012

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