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Voila! It doesn’t leak!

The submitter wrote: “White Trash Plumbing. Our motto: “Hey, it works!” The camouflage duck tape adds a nice touch.  But seriously, I put a new valve in because it was incessantly refilling every five minutes. That didn’t fix the problem. After several hours of trial-and-error diagnostics, I found that the float wasn’t closing the valve completely. So, I made a supplementary float out of a pill bottle and wired it to the float arm, and voila! It doesn’t leak anymore!”

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2 Comments to Voila! It doesn’t leak!

  1. Ummmm….You DO realize that the float IS adjustable, right? The arm that you have your supplemental float attached to has a phillips screwhead top that adjusts the float up or down?

  2. Mr. Gone on April 14th, 2011
  3. Way to go Skeeter! This is the kind of injunewity that makes America grate!

  4. heywood jablomie on April 15th, 2011

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