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Van Door AC

I’m betting it sucks to be the passenger in this van unless you have sweat pants on (or long johns).  Burrr!

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3 Comments to Van Door AC

  1. Given the antennae on the side, my guess is it’s a vehicle used for transporting downer organs or something similar where the box sits on the passenger side and is cooled by the A/C unit. Still a WhiteTrash Rigged refer unit if I ever saw one, but the body work is clean. No duct tape.

  2. dennis on March 14th, 2011
  3. REPOST!!!!!!

    anyway if i was to put money on this, this is a ham radio operator,

    his wife left him, and she didn’t take the minivan lol

  4. commenter on March 14th, 2011
  5. Also not worthy, the 16 inch ford mustang wheels. :P Thats not a mustang!!

  6. ethan on March 18th, 2011

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