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Think the defrost works?

Now this can’t be good when driving down the road.  I’m pretty sure that’s going to leave a scratch and I don’t think the defrost still works.

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2 Comments to Think the defrost works?

  1. That’s an older GM product, I doubt those wires are for defrost. They are probably the electrical wires for the power mirror servo. Maybe even wires for signal mirrors. SORRY, ADMIN! ;)

  2. Johnboy on April 6th, 2011
  3. I can criticize the sloppy mounting of the replacement mirror. Its not really that hard to do it correctly.

    But can’t criticize replacing a crappy expensive OEM plastic power mirror with a simple manual mirror. I wouldnt buy an OEM style mirror like that car originally had, not even cheap one from a u-pull-it salvage place. They were overly expensive automated plastic trash from factory, only meant to improve profits with unnecessary automated gadgets without giving buyer option of car without it.

  4. HJ on September 15th, 2013

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