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WTF Christmas Lights (Video)

Neighborly appreciation, jealousy, lazy or just another way of saying DITTO???

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Punch Buggie

WTF is that and why???  See its VW Bugs like this that make me want to play that stupid punch buggie game and punch someone.

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Home Made Camper…..WTF is the world coming to???

The submitter wrote: “All I can say is WOW!!!!  It would probably be better if it was Birch???”  Humm wonder if on the other side is spray painted “Free Candy Kids”?

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If there was ever a reason to buy a trailer this would be it.  Seriously you try to put a nice bike in the trunk of a car but you use a ladder as a ramp and to hold it up.  This may win the idiot award!

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