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Peeing in the shower

Peeing in the shower

Really you need a urinal?  Just pee in the shower like everyone else.

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Only For Bikers

Handle bars in the  urinal, would you use them.  The thought of some other dude touching his junk then the handle bars just sounds kinda nasty.

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Golden Toilet

The submitter wrote: “”So I go into the men’s room and get ready to use the urinal when all of a sudden it starts filling up with pee from a pipe that has been rigged to it. Seems they added another men’s room upstairs with a urinal and this was the easiest way to hook up the plumbing. Got to love New Orleans.”

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Dad’s Day Contest: Pete (5 pics)

To vote for Pete Click HERE (or on the photos) – REMEMBER most facebook likes wins!

fathers day contest:  pic of me, great day fishing with my boy, yard art,  urinal on the tree so the boys dont piss all over the yard, sons brand new john deere bike

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