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Turn Signals

Raccoon, clear tape and a ziptie

Raccoon, clear tape and a ziptie

“my turn signals were drooping, so I wrapped them with black tape, then a few weeks later my tag light was dangling so I clear taped it back up, then my tag was hanging by one bolt so I zip tied it and didn’t have a knife to cut the extra off. today I decided to take my fake raccoon home that I’ve left by a trash can to scare customers, then as I was leaving I thought how funny it looks strapped to the back of my bike, like a deer on a rednecks hood. so I plan to leave him on there for the next week or so..”

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Nice turn signal

Why spend the money for colored turn signals when all you need is some colored tape or colored plastic.  Its not like you would ever notice or anything.  I give this a solid C for a grade.

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