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Norwegian garbage can shelter

Norwegian garbage can shelter

“Hi. I spotted this lovely trash can shelter in my neighbourhood; the hole sh!t is made of left over materials.”

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Trash Can Handle

Trash Can Handle

“Bought a trash can a year ago, handle fell of after a month, tried string, it broke. Then I thought why not a screen door handle. And here it is, works just fine now.”

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Raccoon, clear tape and a ziptie

Raccoon, clear tape and a ziptie

“my turn signals were drooping, so I wrapped them with black tape, then a few weeks later my tag light was dangling so I clear taped it back up, then my tag was hanging by one bolt so I zip tied it and didn’t have a knife to cut the extra off. today I decided to take my fake raccoon home that I’ve left by a trash can to scare customers, then as I was leaving I thought how funny it looks strapped to the back of my bike, like a deer on a rednecks hood. so I plan to leave him on there for the next week or so..”

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Leaky Roof Repair

Leaky Roof RepairThe roof at the dealership that I work at leaks whenever it rains. Instead of undergoing costly repairs a better solution was found. Wire tie a piece of flexible exhaust pipe to the support beam remove the drop ceiling and put a trash can underneath.”

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