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New Years Possum Drop (Video)

New York can keep their crystal ball drop in Brasstown, NC they do the Possum Drop (LIVE possum)! I love the guy at the end who explains how the possum is safe but when its over they let him out and then run him over and have him for dinner.   Happy New Years from the staff at White Trash Repairs, here is to a great year of laughs in 2014!

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Get A Banjo T-shirt HERE

Get A Banjo T-shirt HERE


Want to know how you can score one of these HYSTERICAL T-Shirts?  Well we are selling a few of them and 100% of the money made will go towards Auggie’s Surgery/Recovery.  CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW YOU CAN SCORE A SHIRT (AND OTHER GOODIES). 

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Are You On Tumblr?

We’re trying to expand out social media sites.  Are you on Tumblr?  If so then follow us.  We will be reposting some of our oldies but goodies on Tumblr, maybe ones you missed.  We have already posted over 4 thousand pictures here on White Trash Repairs!  SO IF YOU ARE ON TUMBLR FOLLOW US!  If you follow us and repost this photo you could win a WTR t-shirt!


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White Trash Lampshade

See when you win a T-shirt (like Will here) in one of our many contests we have you can not only wear it but you can decorate with it!  :)

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