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License Plate Fix

License Plate Fix

“No self respecting redneck wants to be pulled over for something stupid like a license plate light.”

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Funny Christmas House Lights

So how do you decorate your home for Christmas?  Here are a few winners:  
MEH, Ditto, Bah Humbug, Ditto, & _________  Can you figure out the last one?  Don’t give it away just a simple funny or stupid if you got it.  Share and see if your friends can get it too.

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Punch Buggie

WTF is that and why???  See its VW Bugs like this that make me want to play that stupid punch buggie game and punch someone.

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Why bother?

Why bother with a stupid repair like this?  I mean really what is this suppose to do?  Security, nope I mean look at it that is scotch tape holding it up.  Protection from the weather, nope its cardboard.  Why bother???

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