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Spray Foam

Diseased Jag (2 pics)

Diseased Jag diseased

Way to go your Jag now looks like it has some sorta disease. Spray foam Auto Body fail!

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Its a Match!  If only they would have spayed in the dent with some spray foam then covered it with the matching duct tape no one would have ever known.

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Spray Foam Patriot

The submitter wrote: “I’ve seen some bad bondo jobs, but this is a new sight. Taken at a thrift store parking lot in Huntington Beach, Ca, this guy loves Spray Foam almost as much as he loves his country…”

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This looks like a movie prop from “Godzilla” with the caved in top.  I think he needs some spray foam to fill in the dent and another roll or two of duct tape to cover it.

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