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Redneck Spaghetti Pot

Redneck Spaghetti Pot

Coffee in the morning and spaghetti at night.

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Rigged Head Light

Rigged Head Light

Gotta love a used prescription bottle and plastic container.  I’m just glad its a new container and not one what is stained from spaghetti or something. 

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Spaghetti Coffee Cooker

I really think the coffee pot manufactures are missing out on a whole line of coffee pot cookers.  Spaghetti anyone?

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How to Make Mason Jar Wine Glasses (2 pics)

One can never have enough stylish Redneck wine glasses.  I know that you can go out and buy them but why when they are so easy and cheap to make.  Face it you don’t have to use new mason jars you can use an old jelly jar or pickle jar or an glass jar (spaghetti jar).  As for the candle stick holders well you can get those pretty cheap, hell most fancy dollar stores even sell them.

All you need to due is glue them together with a good glass glue.  In my opinion E-6000 works the best, stays clear and isn’t expensive (you can get it at Walmart and most home improvement stores).  When you glue it flip the jar upside down and glue the candle stick on it and give it at least 24 hrs to dry but follow the directions on the glue.

Bottom line is when finished they shouldn’t cost you more than 2-3 dollars.  Have fun and get crafty!

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