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Maxi Pad Shoes

The new generation in footwear! Hey I bet on a slick floor you could do some killer skating around on them and if your dog pisses on the floor you could stomp it clean!

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Recycle, Reuse

Recycle, Reuse

EARTH DAY… Stop filling the landfills with plastic water bottles when you can make them into shoes!

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Bubba’s Shoes

Bubba's Shoes

Run Bubba, Run!  I think even Forest Gump would be proud of these shoes.

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Broken Sandals Fix

“My sandals broke at work today. BOTH OF THEM. Cheap asss shoes. Anyway, we were out of duck tape at work so I used packaging tape. So far they are holding together. I’ve even gotten some compliments on them. They kinda look like they have some bling on them if the sunshine hits it just right.”

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