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Half A Trailer

“Look at the trailer where the van is parked. Notice that its not that long. That’s right, it’s half a trailer.  A friend, who is a firefighter, said the other half of the trailer caught fire some time ago. So with a little red neck engineering, the owner cut the trailer in half to salvage what he could.  What’s not shown in the picture is the clear plastic that’s sealing the open end up. Guess he has a very large sun room now.”

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Didn’t Dodge the Lumber yard

“Bumper are required even in Montana. Bubba didn’t want to waist time going through the salvage yard so in made a trip to the Lumber Yard. “

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Potted VW Bug

Call me crazy but I totally love this.  This almost makes me want to run off to a salvage yard to find a WV Bug.

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6 Door Salvage Truck

“My friend has a bad habit of wrecking trucks so after he had his 6th child he needed a bigger family vehicle so he took 3 wrecked trucks from his front yard and made 1 out of the parts”

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