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Salt Pepper

Bacon and Eggs Cupcakes

bacon and eggs cupcakes

So how do you make these you ask? 


1 Prepare Canadian Bacon in frying pan until brown not crispy
2 Drain and cool on paper towels Turn on over to 400
3 Put 1 slice of bacon in cupcake pan . Cupcake papers can be used as well or you can leave them out.
4 Put in one egg and top with salt and pepper, scallions, cheese or whatever else you like on your eggs or take orders for everyone and do them different.  You can also scramble the egg if you would like it that way.
5 When finished place in oven for about 15 minutes when done remove from pan and place on plates.

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Salt and Pepper

Salt and Pepper

If your going to steal the salt and pepper packets then at least open them up and fill the containers.  I bet the containers were stolen.

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