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Please Steal this Car

“The windows of this car duct taped to stay up but the rear window won’t hold. The wiper stuck in up position and rear tire was a donut. The driver (wearing shorts in winter) leaves the car unlocked and running while he goes into the convenient store for a soda…I’m thinking he’s begging someone to drive off with it.”

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Just Hit the Lotto!!!

“I took this on the freeway doin about 75 haha my guess there running the meth Lab and the snowmobile is the getaway vehicle only problem they didn’t think that one all the way through its summer”

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Rat House

Why buy a pet when you can catch one running around your house?  See those rich folks carry around those cute little dogs, white trash carry around cute big rats.  Why spend money on a rat house when you can use your empty beer box.

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Holy Smoke!

The submitter wrote: “desk fan mounted to the ceiling next to smoke detector, running to a switch inside the closet.”  Yeah Bubba I’m going to have to say this is a FAIL!

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Thursday, September 16th, 2010 DIY, hillbilly, Kludge, Redneck Repairs, White Trash Repair 6 Comments

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