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Redneck Pics

Redneck Sun Light (2 pics)

“We needed a light in our shed but we had no electric so we added a redneck skylight.  All it is a 2 litter bottle filled with water and bleach siliconed into the roof.  It really shines bright!”

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Redneck Tailgator (3 pics)

“Old Ford pickup converted into a barbecue grill/picnic table and dubbed the “Redneck Tailgator”. Found it parked next to the “Redneck Grill”.


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Government​al Redneck wheelchair​s (2 pics)

“This is real: the government of Mexican state of Sonora gave this “special” wheelchairs, as part of a program to support low-income people. As the official communicate states: they are better than normal wheelchairs, because they are made with “special solid plastic” that allows use for bathing.”

If you want to read the story in Spanish you can go here: Excelsior or you can do like I did and paste the whole story into Google Translator and read it in English :)

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Redneck amp/microp​hone (2 pics)

He is using a small personal amplifier,made to help the hard of hearing,to make his guitar sound like an electric. He has it plugged in to computer speakers. It even amplifies his voice.”

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