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Red Neck

Half A Trailer

“Look at the trailer where the van is parked. Notice that its not that long. That’s right, it’s half a trailer.  A friend, who is a firefighter, said the other half of the trailer caught fire some time ago. So with a little red neck engineering, the owner cut the trailer in half to salvage what he could.  What’s not shown in the picture is the clear plastic that’s sealing the open end up. Guess he has a very large sun room now.”

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Red Neck Driving School

The submitter wrote: “This is the remains of a 1982 Mazda Pick Up After I hit it with a saws all.
Time To Dismantle – 8 Hours”

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Red Neck present wrappin

OK who hasn’t done this, I know I have.  The submitter wrote: “The Wife wrapped it and I took the picture. The round one is a can of Possum stew. A must have for Kentucky.”

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Carboard+ trashbag+ duct tape= redneck window

The submitter wrote: “A buddy of mine got his window smashed and this is how he fixed it.”  I hope he doesn’t keep anything valuable in the car or it will be long gone.  This also might get cold in the winter.

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