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Rear End

3 Cement Blocks and a Bottle Jack

3 Cement Blocks and a Bottle Jack3 Cement Blocks and a Bottle Jack

Upgrading the exhaust pipe and muffler on a 1984 Pontiac Firebird. Had to lift the body up high enough to get the larger pipe over the rear end and sway bar system. So, used three cement blocks and a bottle jack to lift the body. We did have car ramps under the wheels!!! Safety first, LOL!!!

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A trifecta of trashiness

A trifecta of trashiness1. Duct tape keeping the truck lid shut at all costs. 2. plastic bag covering opening in the truck lid from rear-end collision.  3. Ratchet strap helping to keep both the trunk lid down and the muffler up.


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“This is a photo I took of my neighbors custom invention. It is a bicycle frame welded to angle iron that is U-bolted to a lawn tractor rear end with a Briggs and Stratton tiller engine. I named it the “DieCycle”. The chain sprocket on the engine was right near your leg when you sat on it “very dangerous”.”

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Caved in rear end

The submitter wrote: “Saw this at my local Target. I guess the guy figured that duck tape would be an adequate solution to a caved in rear end.”

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