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Rear Bumper

White Trash Repair Trifecta

Stumbled upon this mess while in Wichita, KS. Three things to point out here: 1. Rear passenger door has been repaired with duct tape. (It’s a Saturn, so the plastic doors break instead of dent.) 2. Rear bumper and right taillight are held in place with duct tape. 3. Trunk lid is being held down with a bungee cord. We now refer to Wichita as WhiteTrash-ita.”

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Whole lot of packing tape

The submitter wrote: “No idea how many rolls of clear packing tape was used to “fix” the windows in this baby, but you think some could have been used to pull up the rear bumper.”

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“Presidential” White trash Limo

The submitter wrote: “Cruising through Mc Donalds last night who would a thunked that I would have ran across the “Presidential” White trash Limo.  LOL  Note the fine duct tape job not only on the rear bumper, but the flag staffs as well ;) This is a fine example of white trash repair. Yes I L’edMAO taking this picture for your website.”  Well we L’edMAO at the photo and caption!

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White trash carpentry/​auto repair

The submitter wrote: “Saw this in the Fred Meyer parking lot in Soldotna,AK last year on a fishing/golf trip.  Wood rear bumper, would have been cooler if the ends were storage compartments at least.  Guessing it belongs to a north roader (Nikiski).”  OK I have to ask what is a Nikiski?

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