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New years eve radiator repair

“My brother in law was on his way down for new years eve and o get a call at 815 radiator hose burst on hos car and parts stores are closed. Took hose from my Fairmont and some duct tape and i was on my way. Needed to shorten the hose and use the duct tape to thicken up the spot the hose hooks on. Made it from mile marker 162 on i75 to cape coral with no problem.”

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A Better Cold Air Intake

“A friend of mine had bought an off the shelf cold air intake kit for his car, but  the filter only went to where the old air box was.  So it was taking in all the hot air from the Radiator.  So we took a walk around my old farm and found some drain tile laying around, next thing we know, it worked, plus kind of works as ram air kit as well.”

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Radiator Dogs

Yummm radiator dogs, nothing like cooking dinner and giving your house that smell of the corner store gas station’s hotdog machine.

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Duct Tape Quick Fix

The submitter wrote: “Tried to use Duct Tape to fix my Cars cracked radiator it worked for a little while, But every couple of miles I had to change up the melted Tape.”

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