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Mechanic Plumber

Mechanic Plumber

Well when you have an auto mechanic fix a sink this is what you get.

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The Masticator (2 pics)

The MasticatorThe Masticator

“I made this from 100% trash picked from around the neighborhood. My plumber gave me a garbage disposal he switched out because it leaks. I use this to grind up everything that I put in my compost bin. Really speeds up the process.”  We give this an A+

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Plumbing FAIL

Good Lord Bubba time to call the plumber.  Call me crazy but I think this fix might leak.

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A Plumber’s Redneck-Engin​eering (2 pics)

The submitter wrote: “This toilet actually belongs to a plumber… as you can see he is using a dental floss pic to keep the toilet from continuing to fill up and even attached a piece of dental floss to it to keep it from getting lost when releasing it in order to allow the toilet to fill. “

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