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Plexiglass, Pop Rivets and Duct Tape (2 pics)

plexiglass, pop rivets and duct tape8677

This pick-up truck was an obvious roll-over. Nothing that a little plexiglass, pop rivets and duct tape to fix ‘er right up.  Welcome to Turnagain,  Alaska!

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I Lernt to Fix Winders (2 pics)

The struts gave out on the back window and slammed down and shattered the window at the beginning of the extended Thanksgiving holiday. Well, I had places to go until the local glass shop opened up. I had a roll of duct tape and an old piece of plexiglass. I routed a rough shape for the window, bolted it in place and taped it down. It worked great over the long, cold weekend. I decided to go ahead and add a home-made duct tape window sticker too advertising my new favorite website and facebook page!”

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Ozarka Window…

“This is the second temporary window I put in my ex-wife’s car.  The first was made from plexiglass and hotglued. It lasted almost 2 weeks… It was getting ready to rain, so I did this “fix” up for her yesterday evening. Plastic from a case of Ozarka water bottles and duct tape.”

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Plexiglass is Cheaper

Well Plexiglass is cheaper then glass and we have to give this Bubba credit for framing it in.  Good job Bubba!

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