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Pine Smell

Fresh Air

Fresh Air

Nothing like that fresh pine smell in your home by sticking a few auto pine trees in your ac vents!

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Pine Fresh Tree

Well they did put up a tree and it does have that fresh pine smell….

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Antler Shed Christmas Tree (4 photos)

I have to admit this is pretty dang cool. I wonder how long it took to collect all the sheds. On the good side no pine needles to pick up daily but no pine smell either. So would you say this is a winner?

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Thursday, December 15th, 2011 Christmas, DIY, hillbilly, Holiday, White Trash Repair 11 Comments

Ultra Cheap Christmas Tree

13 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS!  OK yes it has a nice pine smell but trying to pass off a car pine airfreshener as a Christmas tree is a little extreme. I guess decorating the tree is out.  Merry Redneck Christmas!

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