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Pellet Gun

Bubba’s gangsta pellet gun

Bubba's gangsta pellet gun

“We have one strict basic rule in the pawn shop, “buy anything we can make money on.” $10 bucks anyone? please!!!!”

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Redneck 12 Gauge Pipe Shooter (Video)

One Pellet gun + One pipe + a 12 gauge shot gun shell = a Redneck 12 Gauge Pipe Shooter

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Georgia Window Repair

The submitter wrote: “This is my car. Someone shot a pellet gun at my car, hitting this window. It was either spend $450 to replace the window (not covered by insurance!) or spend $6 on two rolls of all-purpose duct tape. I intended this to last no more than a couple of weeks but it’s held up so good and helps me fit in here in SW Georgia, so it’s going on 5 months now!”

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