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Parking Lot

Redneck Trailer hitch

Redneck Trailer hitch            Redneck Trailer hitch

“12′ or so utility trailer hooked to this contraption- which was attached to the car via an eye bolt through the trunk latch…  At least they had the forethought to include safety chains, though they were secured to the plastic bumper with eye bolts.  This was in a Lowes parking lot- I had to stay to see who came out and how much they loaded. About 1/2 dozen 2×4’s, a few sheets of ply, and some drywall… Scary. It was in Athens, Tennessee.”

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Redneck Camper Shell

Redneck Camper Shell

Well if you happen to go to say Walmart before camping you won’t have any issue finding your truck in the parking lot.

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Lighting Detroit

Lighting Detroit

It is a halogen work light, attached to a utility pole with bungee cords. Plugged into an extension cord that runs overhead for a distance of about 30 feet, then is connected to lights on a billboard. The light sort of lights the street and the parking lot of an abandoned bar. Over half of the street lights in the city of Detroit do not work, and this seems to be somebody’s way of dealing with it.

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It’s a Boy?

It's a Boy?It's a Boy?

“Here is a jacked up force air intake with dryer flex connecting it to the engine. Saw this in the parking lot of a public library in Buford Ga”

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