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Flower Bra

Flower Bra

What a way to leave your lingerie hanging for all your male neighbors to see.

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Armor Plating the ATV

Armor Plating the ATV

I’m guessing Bubba’s done gone pissed off the neighbors again. 

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“This is a photo I took of my neighbors custom invention. It is a bicycle frame welded to angle iron that is U-bolted to a lawn tractor rear end with a Briggs and Stratton tiller engine. I named it the “DieCycle”. The chain sprocket on the engine was right near your leg when you sat on it “very dangerous”.”

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Closet Door Gate (2 pics)

As the neighbors fence along with most of their property deteriorated the made a true White Trash Repair. They tore out the best section of the decrepit fence along the back of their property. Measured for and dug holes for new fence posts. Put up the new section of fence, leaving a space for a gate. After a week or so the new gate appeared. It consists of three closet doors nailed crossways over the gate opening. Some of the closet gate doors still have the guide wheels still on them. As they were interior doors, not meant to be out in the weather they have warped. A week after this White Trash Repair was finished a section of the side fence fell over in their yard and now rests against the new fence.”

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