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Redneck Edging

Redneck Edging

“I was out in my neighborhood and came across this great display of redneck edging. Disposable plates were used as edging for a flower bed. I didn’t think edging material was that expensive at Wal Mart, but maybe he had his heart set on blue. I have only seen black and green, but I haven’t looked for other colors.  What puts this over the top for me is that this is Loudoun County (Leesburg, VA), the richest county in the nation (based on income).”

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The Masticator (2 pics)

The MasticatorThe Masticator

“I made this from 100% trash picked from around the neighborhood. My plumber gave me a garbage disposal he switched out because it leaks. I use this to grind up everything that I put in my compost bin. Really speeds up the process.”  We give this an A+

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Outside Christmas Lights

OK technically yes you did hang up the Christmas lights but seriously this may win you the neighborhood tard award.  I bet you leave the lights up all year long too! 

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Sunday, December 11th, 2011 Christmas, DIY, hillbilly, Kludge, White Trash Repair 4 Comments

Hillbilly trailer park glass

The submitter wrote: “White trash repair at the trailer park.  I took this at a friends neighborhood. Indianapolis, Indiana”  Kudos for the tape color match in the trailer park!

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