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Minivan Safety

Minivan Safety

Way to go mom, let tape off the brake light on the mini van so that it’s even safer.

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Under Lock & Key

Well, that’s one way to lock up your minivan. And yes, the door on the other side is locked in the same fashion.”

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The Astro pickup

The submitter wrote: “What do you do when your kids are out of school and you don’t need that Astro minivan anymore? You turn it into something more productive.”

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White Trash Tow Service (2 photos)

The submitter wrote: “Well…. that is a Bravada, with the back cut off, the hole filled with a combination of rusty sheet metal and plywood, held together
with “Great Stuff” expanding insulation foam and grocery bags, with a winch attached to what would be the cargo area,  which is powered by a car battery strapped down with zip ties..attached to a dolly which is towing a minivan Kalamazoo, Michigan”

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