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Just Hit the Lotto!!!

“I took this on the freeway doin about 75 haha my guess there running the meth Lab and the snowmobile is the getaway vehicle only problem they didn’t think that one all the way through its summer”

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Lotto Winner

This is what it looks like when Bubba wins the lotto!

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Silly Millions!

See proof not all trailer life is white trash.  Damn I want to hit the lotto so I can buy a trailer like this (which sells for 0ver $85k).  This photo came from our sister site SillyMillions – click the photo to check them out.  If you like them then show them the love and fan them too!

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Tuesday, June 28th, 2011 Transportation, White Trash Repair 1 Comment

Can’t Escape the Trailer Park

What is that saying “You can sprinkle sugar on sh*t but its still sh*t”, well Bubba can hit the lotto but he will always be Bubba!  Special Thanks to our new sister site sillymillions.com for sharing this photo, click the picture to check them out and if you like them then fan them on facebook.

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