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Bolted Floor Matts

Bolted Floor Matts

“You might be a redneck if you bolt floor mats on your back bumper to use as mudflaps… LMAO”

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Scissor lift!

The submitter wrote: “apparently the a/c was falling out of the wall lmao!”  Ohhhh you know that is going to hurt the first time someone stubs their toe!

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bluetooth repair

The submitter wrote: “My 2 year old granddaughter recently got a hold of my bluetooth ear piece and lost the ear hook and the soft plastic part that goes into the ear itself.  I repaired it with a plastic tie and slightly used ear plug, it works, though my wife does not like to be around me when I am wearing it (another repair benefit).”  OK  I wonder if its still a benefit if she reads this LMAO

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Jingle Balls

Yeah that is just beautiful Bubba.  I’m so glad you used clean undies here.  OK LMAO at the fact that you used blue balls between the stockings.  Good Luck getting Santa to put his hand in those stockings!

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