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Living Room

Just the Living Room

Whats wrong officer?  We’re just moving the living room.  How much weight do you think that roof can hold?

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Living Room Furnature

Living Room Furnature

It may be White Trash Decorating but I kinda like it.

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Boat Motor Repair

Boat Motor Repair

“If you have ever tried to fix a boat motor in your living room by mounting it to the back of a lazy boy using a box of bullets and shotgun shells as a counter weight…. You might be White Trash!”

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Window air conditioner

The submitter wrote:  “I was traveling through dundalk Maryland (  look That up) and I ran across this set up. It is an end of group brick row home with a packaged central air conditioner in the living room window. These are built to feed an entire home. I can’t imagine what the inside of this place looked like”  …FYI Fred I did look up dunkalk :)

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