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Little Beauty

Gotta keep that hood from flying off

Gotta keep that hood from flying off

“I was just walking into Winn-Dixie (one of my first mistakes) and I saw this little beauty in one of the parking spots. It appears that they are attempting to keep the hood from flying up whilst driving by drilling into it and inserting wing-nuts to hold it down. Oh well. Appears to work”

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Hillbilly Foreman Grill

Hillbilly Foreman Grill

“After losing the plastic grease tray, i used my backwoods engineering skills to fashion this little beauty out of tinfoil. Works great and one less part to clean! why toss it when you can rig it?”

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Bikelawnmower $125.00

BIKELAWNMOWER $125.00  I know such a great deal on this little beauty and guess what for only $125.00 it can be yours!  Yes this is a real craigslist Ad and as of this posting its still FOR SALE if you live in Denver, CO.

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Polka Dot bumper

“Saw this little beauty at the Wal-Mart notice how the duct tape goes all the way up to wrap around the tail light, lookin’ good Bubba!!!”

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