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White Trash Limo

“They see me rollin’…they hatin’……”

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Lexus Limo

Shame on you this is a Lexus!  If you can afford to drive it you can afford to fix it!

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Redneck Limo Bowling (Video)

“I had an old limo we decided to create a bowling game with for our company. We used 10 empty 55 gallon drums, and pushed a 55 gallon drum filled with water into them. Eventually our makeshift wooden bumper broke and we ran the limo into the drums until it died. in my backyard, in Sandtown (Felton), Delaware”

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Wednesday, September 26th, 2012 DIY, hillbilly, Kludge, Transportation, Video, White Trash Repair No Comments

Jacked Limo

I hope they have a mini bar inside so once they get drunk and try to get out then just drop to the ground.

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