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Leaky Roof Repair

Leaky Roof RepairThe roof at the dealership that I work at leaks whenever it rains. Instead of undergoing costly repairs a better solution was found. Wire tie a piece of flexible exhaust pipe to the support beam remove the drop ceiling and put a trash can underneath.”

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The Masticator (2 pics)

The MasticatorThe Masticator

“I made this from 100% trash picked from around the neighborhood. My plumber gave me a garbage disposal he switched out because it leaks. I use this to grind up everything that I put in my compost bin. Really speeds up the process.”  We give this an A+

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Box truck leak

The submitter wrote: “This is the box of one of the work trucks at work it had two leaks on either side and I was putting newspapers in the back and desided to use a couple of mail bags to catch the water. I drove to my spot to drop off the papers 70 miles away and all the papers where dry.”

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Wool Repair

The submitter wrote: “I bet this guy locked his keys in his car and smashed out the smallest\cheapest window in order to gain entrance.  Then took of his sweater and stuffed it in the hole…no tape, plenty of leaks, but it does look sharp!”

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