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iPod Holder

iPod Holder

“My son created this just before we went on vacation (road trip).  He wanted to watch movies on his iPod but didn’t want to hold it.  Its a angle L with a piece of plastic that has 3 suction cups that he stuck to the window.  My son took an old case and zip strapped the angle L to it.  His ipod would slide in and out.  Not a bad invention, my son is 15 yrs old.”

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“This is a photo I took of my neighbors custom invention. It is a bicycle frame welded to angle iron that is U-bolted to a lawn tractor rear end with a Briggs and Stratton tiller engine. I named it the “DieCycle”. The chain sprocket on the engine was right near your leg when you sat on it “very dangerous”.”

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Water Bottle Shower

This was posted on an “invention” facebook page.  Invention my ass its a White Trash Repair and to top it off most of the fans obviously from 3rd world countries and all commented as “Cool” or “I’m going to try this”.  Really?!?!?!?!

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Toilet Paper Holder

Now that is pretty darn smart Bubba.  Gotta love when the paper holder breaks now all you need is a hanger to fix it up.  A+ for this invention!

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