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Getting Ready for Winter

“We have a Suburban where the owner appears to have used multiple layers of Duct tape and plastic sheeting. No doubt they getting ready for winter. Need that insulation for the cold Colorado winters.”

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No Place for My Timmies!

The submitter wrote: “80’s Camaro’s and Firebird’s were notorious for “no cup holders”. Now a days it’s a must to stop at Timmies (Tim Horton’s) for a cup and a donut but there’s no cup holder. I’ve scalded my nuts ’nuff times to know better.

This was a cup holder from a 90’s Ford (Yeah I know I outta be shot for usin’ Ford parts on a Camaro) but it works perfectly. Held in with two 55lb wire ties and some insulation to stop vibration. No holes were drilled to make it work.”

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Redneck Camper

The submitter wrote: “I saw this at Bristol Dragway in Bristol, TN this past weekend. It has white trash repairs written all over it. It has card board for insulation with pink and orange duct tape. Enjoy”

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White Trash Thermos

The submitter wrote: “A co-worker of mine’s White Trash Thermos. The Cap is gone, the Lid is busted with the insulation sticking out. The Handle is long gone and it has been replaced by heavy gage wire and a lot of electrical tape.  He refuses to part ways with it even though we offered to buy him a new one. He claims it has sentimental value”

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