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The Moon A National Park!

The Moon A National Park

Have you heard the latest Bill trying to be passes (yes this is true)? Reps. Eddie Bernice Johnson, D-Texas, and Donna Edwards, D-Md., filed a bill this week which would establish a new national park on the surface of the moon. YES THE MOON A US NATIONAL PARK!!!! It gets better…. Written specifically into the bill is language instructing the Secretary of the Interior Department to “provide public access to” the lunar site and also “provide visitor services and administrative facilities.”

WTF?!?!?!?! Share this so that it gets passed because I want to start hunting one of those green Aliens!

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I Deer Heart You

I Deer Heart You

How to tell your girlfriend you love her while away on a hunting trip.  So ladies would you love this or be disgusted at it?

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Car and Hunting

“killed this monster 9pt,But drove wrong vehicle to woods”

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White Trash Truckin’

The submitter wrote: “I actually know the goon that drives this thing!!! This guy seriously tells people about his custom ride all the time and thinks its the deal!!! I feel for his poor wife! What you cant see in the pic is he uses a hunting arrow for an antenna! OH look at me I built an awesome box for my truck and put 18 wheeler stacks on it durrrr durrrr I have a wooden spoon durrr durr Nice exhaust RICKY REDNECK!! LMAO!!!”

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