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Bake Pan Tail Lamp Mount

Bake Pan Tail Lamp Mount

“If you don’t want to cut holes in your tool box.”

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Cracking Off

Cracking Off

I think they need more cardboard and packing tape because they missed half the holes.

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Radar Detector

Radar detector            Radar detector

“It was either drill two holes in a $100 windscreen that might crack, or a $60 motorcycle mount or $3.11 at Home Depot for . Double sided tape, two screws, four washers and two wing nuts for quick removal. It held up great today at 147 mph.”

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Jumping Stilts Repair

Jumping Stilts Jumping Stilts

Air-Trekker Jumping Stilts have carbon fiber springs and they nick easy.  So my son did some googling and found that if you cut a bike tire you can wrap the spring with them to protect them (you have to lace it up by punching holes in the tire).  The first photo is the before look of the stilts, second photo you can see the lacing of the tire and the third is the tire.  Without the tire the springs get nicked up easy so this protects them.

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