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My Deer Love


I love you with all my heart… or the deers heart.  Yikes do you think this is romantic or gross?

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Friday, February 14th, 2014 DIY, hillbilly, Holiday, Kludge, White Trash Repair No Comments

Hairy Love

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Nothing says I Love You more on Valentine’s Day more than a shaved heart!

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Redneck Edging

Redneck Edging

“I was out in my neighborhood and came across this great display of redneck edging. Disposable plates were used as edging for a flower bed. I didn’t think edging material was that expensive at Wal Mart, but maybe he had his heart set on blue. I have only seen black and green, but I haven’t looked for other colors.  What puts this over the top for me is that this is Loudoun County (Leesburg, VA), the richest county in the nation (based on income).”

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I Deer Heart You

I Deer Heart You

How to tell your girlfriend you love her while away on a hunting trip.  So ladies would you love this or be disgusted at it?

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Thursday, February 14th, 2013 DIY, hillbilly, Holiday, Redneck Fix, White Trash Repair No Comments

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