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Fred Flintstone

Flintstones Meets Batman Type of Bike

Flintstones Meets Batman Type of Bike

Tell me this doesn’t look like something that the love child of Fred Flintstone and Batman would make.  You have to admit its bad ass looking.

A group of students from Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering at San Jose State University has designed an innovative Spherical Drive System.The system is applicable to two wheelers. Made of carbon fiber/fiberglass with coating of tough industrial rubber for excellent traction and force distribution,the drive system is excellent for any terrain or weather.The electric motorcycle is friction driven with help of three electric motors mounted slightly off center atop the spherical ball and this gives 360 degree freedom for rotation in any direction. To get over the issue of spin in any direction while driving at more than normal speeds,the team plans to use computer control system with the help of gyro-accelerometer to detect the movement needed to keep proper balance in proper direction. The project is still in works.

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Fred Flintstone’s Pedicure

Fred Flintstone's Pedicure

This is how Fred Flintstone gets a pedicure to keep his toes looking oh so pretty.

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