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Extension Cord

Lighting Detroit

Lighting Detroit

It is a halogen work light, attached to a utility pole with bungee cords. Plugged into an extension cord that runs overhead for a distance of about 30 feet, then is connected to lights on a billboard. The light sort of lights the street and the parking lot of an abandoned bar. Over half of the street lights in the city of Detroit do not work, and this seems to be somebody’s way of dealing with it.

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Car Towing Issues

I guess there were no tow ropes available.  Would you trust an extension cord?

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Beer Run (Video)

Caught on police dash cam…. One lawnmower, 10 shopping carts, 100 ft extension cord, lots of beer, and one mad beer drinking redneck yelling “God Dang it I know my rights”.

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WTF Wiring

The submitter wrote: “Local parking garage is performing repairs on their lighting system(about time) , and this is how they are powering the electrical equipment….nice extension cord wiring into an exit sign.”

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