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Electric Potty

Electric Potty

“Because porta-potties need electricity, duh”

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The submitter wrote: “A little background.
I “blew up” my 75 hp Mercury outboard motor on my pontoon boat, about 4 years ago.  Well a new power head assembly was $2,500 and I ain’t got that kind of cash.  So I bought a MinnKota transom drive [$800] and “modified” the old Mercury outboard lower unit so I could steer and “trim”.  The estimates at the time of 9/11 was that most of the terrorists were Saudi Arabians and we Americans were using about 6% of our oil from them. So as a protest to them and to do something to reduce my “carbon footprint”, I converted the boat to electricity. I have 2 batteries on the boat for the motors and it cost about 50 cents to recharge them after a 2-3 hour outing. It works great! In the 3 years of owning the electric boat, I’ve seen gasoline at the Marina on our lake go from $2.60 to $5.29 a gallon!!”

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