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Crappy White Trash Dog Owners (Video)

So what do you do when no one in your town picks up dog poop? Well Brunete, Spain will gladly help you out by shipping you your “Lost Property” (aka dog poop) to your home. Yes they track your dogs poop, hunt you down then shame you by taking a video of you being delivered your dogs poop. Needless to say they have had a 70% decrease in “las cacas” (dog poop in Spanish). The video is in Spanish but you don’t need words to see what is going on, funny stuff!

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Cardboard Headgear

“My dogs plastic headgear got destroyed so we made one out of cardboard and duct tape.”

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Radiator Dogs

Yummm radiator dogs, nothing like cooking dinner and giving your house that smell of the corner store gas station’s hotdog machine.

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Lazy Traveling

Some folks walk dogs on leashes and then you have some that walk kids on leashes.  Redneck travelers walk their luggage on leashes, no wheels needed.

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