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Redneck Trailer hitch

Redneck Trailer hitch            Redneck Trailer hitch

“12′ or so utility trailer hooked to this contraption- which was attached to the car via an eye bolt through the trunk latch…  At least they had the forethought to include safety chains, though they were secured to the plastic bumper with eye bolts.  This was in a Lowes parking lot- I had to stay to see who came out and how much they loaded. About 1/2 dozen 2×4’s, a few sheets of ply, and some drywall… Scary. It was in Athens, Tennessee.”

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“So this contraption I call Frankenvent!  Our server count quickly outgrew our cooling capacity and the cost to redesign the correct cooling and racks was beyond our means so I came up with this.  A couple of trips to Home Depot, a couple of large high CFM attic fans, duct fans, duct work, lots of duct tape and its alive!!!  Frankenvent!  It sucks the hot air right off the back of the servers up and out of the server room just adding one of these dropped the room temperature over 5 degrees in less than 30 minutes.  I installed a second Frankenvent and our computer room sits at a cool 69 degrees thanks to some duct tape and red neck ingenuity! :)”

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Tent Shed

The submitter wrote: “This contraption is beside my GF’s house.watched the guy build if from pallets and scrap wood Then he stretches an old tent over the top. Well i figured it was temporary till he could properly shingle it..well its been about 10 months now…”

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Keeping the Dogs out!

The submitter wrote: “My neighbors chocolate lab keeps tunneling through the fence to go swimming in my pool- after 3 or 4 attempts at fixing it so it looked good- I gave up and put this contraption together! It’s been over 2 weeks since Jack has visited! Look to the upper left- that’s a bungee cord holding the fence repairs in place!”

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