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Co Workers

Saved by a Pen

“I work in a nursing home kitchen and one of my co-workers went to open the cooler door and all of a sudden he starts giggling like a school girl dancing around until we looked at him and he’s waving the door handle in the air. it took 4 of us to figure out what to do since we don’t have any maintenance on the weekends, we tried using a small knife and then a knife sharpener, and then we tried to just pull at the broken piece to try to open the door, finally, we came up with the idea to put a pen where the handle used to latch to the door until maintenance could get in and fix it”

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Brillo Repair

“The cord broke on a co-workers laptop. He made a classic repair using duct tape and a piece of a Brillo pad”

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Swamp cooler leak

The submitter wrote: “The swamp cooler valve above my co-workers desk sprang a leak.After one unsuccessful attempt at having it “professionally” repaired this is the end result.Funnel with a garden hose duct taped to it,hanging under valve with a phone cord.”


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White Trash Earphone Repairs

The submitter wrote: “temporary fix for a co-workers earphones….superglue and duct tape!”    Oh yeah gotta love Superglue, its another must in the Bubba tool box of goodies!

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Saturday, November 20th, 2010 DIY, hillbilly, Kludge, Redneck Repairs, White Trash Repair 2 Comments

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