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Chinese Restaurant

Lego Toilet Repair

Lego Toilet Repair

Found in a Chinese Restaurant.  I’m wondering why they didn’t just replace the seat, I mean after all aren’t they made in China?

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Road Kill Restaurant (Video)


A Chinese food restaurant in Kentucky is accused of serving up roadkill, Mmmmm! “There was this tail, a big, white, fuzzy, tail. A leg was sticking out of the garbage can. They had a box on top of it. They were wheeling it in there, like really quick, like trying to hurry. One of the other employees was mopping up blood that was dripping out of the garbage and on to the floor.”

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Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012 White Trash Repair 1 Comment

Cardboard Plumbing

“Found this in a Chinese restaurant bathroom. What makes it even better is that this restaurant is located in North Georgia.”

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