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Car Mirror

Ghetto Security

Ghetto Security

Why spend the money on an expensive security camera when all you need to do is steal a car mirror in the parking lot and install it outside of your window. 

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Framed Mirror (2 pics)

Does a car mirror really need that much protection  or its a repair overkill?  According to the submitter “The best part of it all, there wasn’t even a mirror in the housing that was being rigged!”

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Mirror, Mirror on the car…

Well once again we have caught another driver sporting a bathroom mirror as a car mirror.  Hey we have to give them credit looks like they tried to match the mirror to the car paint.  What should we give them as a score here?

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Mirror Mirror On The Car???

Lose a mirror?  Not a problem here!  All you need to do is get a round mirror and strap that thing on to the broken arm of the mirror.  If you want to be extra fancy then paint the backside to match the car color.

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Friday, December 3rd, 2010 DIY, hillbilly, Kludge, Redneck Repairs, Transportation 3 Comments

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