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Bungee Cord

White Trash Repair Trifecta

Stumbled upon this mess while in Wichita, KS. Three things to point out here: 1. Rear passenger door has been repaired with duct tape. (It’s a Saturn, so the plastic doors break instead of dent.) 2. Rear bumper and right taillight are held in place with duct tape. 3. Trunk lid is being held down with a bungee cord. We now refer to Wichita as WhiteTrash-ita.”

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Bungee Cord Buick

Bungee cords holding the trunk shut on this Buick. Salina, KS”

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Beverage Overflow

“This nice repair was on a Kia that came into our shop. A nice custom overflow jug with a classy bungee cord holding it securely.”

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Bungee Trunk Latch

“Bungee cord wrapped around the license plate holding the trunk closed. “

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